Frequently asked questions about the Science Hub appear below. If you have additional questions, please reach out to Jens Palsberg, Science Hub Director, at palsberg@ucla.edu.

Q: For submitting a proposal, do I need a collaborator from Amazon?

A: A collaborator from Amazon would be good but isn’t required.

Q: For fellowships, what is the eligibility of a Ph.D. student who started as an M.S. student?

A: The first year of Ph.D. studies begins when the student enters the Ph.D. program, rather than when the student enters the M.S. program.

Q: How is confidential information in my proposal or research treated?

A: All confidential information must be clearly marked in order to make sure it will be used only for the purpose for which it is disclosed.  All confidential information will be returned upon termination of a project agreement. Otherwise, all project agreements are considered non-confidential.

Q: Can a faculty member nominate multiple students for fellowships?

A: Yes.

Q: For a research project proposal, can the budget include equipment or summer salary for faculty?

A: No.

Q: How is intellectual property treated?

A: In overview, UCLA grants to Amazon a non-exclusive license to intellectual property that comes out of a sponsored research project funded by Amazon. Additionally, UCLA grants to Amazon the option to negotiate for an exclusive, royalty-bearing license to such intellectual property.